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Rail Training Package Update

Rail Training Package Update

Rail Training Package Update

Skill Sets create greater flexibility for workers to build on and be recognised for, the specific skills and knowledge required across different job roles.   Within rail workplaces, the Rail Safety National Law requires rail transport operators to ensure workers are competent to carry out their work.

To this end, TLI10 units of competency are fundamental to the operational skills needs in the rail sector. Often rail workers need to undertake training in more than one unit of competency to cover off the skills required for their job role.   By bringing together existing units of competency within training packages to create targeted Skill Sets, rail transport operators’ skills requirements for rail safety workers are addressed and comply with national rail safety legislation.  Skill Sets are not intended to replace qualifications but are designed to build vocational pathways – by bridging skills and knowledge gaps between job roles while satisfying organisational requirements.

Over the next two months TLISC will be reviewing TLI10 qualifications, Skills Sets and units of competency as part of moving the content to the Standards for Training Packages format.   The rail sector will review 53 Skill Sets to ensure they still meet rail sector needs and are relevant to the current rail workplace.  Skill Sets are an important part of this process to ensure rail workers are recognised for their skills within the sector and that these skills are transferable across industry sectors.

The following rail Skill Sets are being transitioned to the New Standards for Training Packages:

Access and Move a Track Vehicle Within a Defined Worksite Skill Set Plan Track Possessions Protection Skill Set
Accessing the Rail Corridor Skill Set Rail Adjustment Skill Set
Aluminothermic Welding Skill Set Rail Infrastructure Induction Skill Set
Blocking Protection Skill Set Rail Maintainer Skill Set
Certify Rolling Stock Skill Set Rail Operations Safeworking Skill Set
Conduct Track Protection Skill Set Rail Signal Panel Operation Skill Set
Control Rail Traffic Through Worksite Skill Set Repairing Concrete/Masonry Structures Skill Set 
Coordinate Multiple Work Groups Skill Set Repairing Steel Structures Skill Set
Decommission Mechanical Signalling Infrastructure and Interlocking Equipment Skill Set Repairing Timber Structures Skill Set
Electric/Track Welding Skill Set Submerged Arc Welding Skill Set
Examining Concrete/Masonry Structures Skill Set Suburban Network Train Driver Assistant Skill Set
Examining Steel Structures Skill Set Track Grinding Skill Set
Examining Timber Structures Skill Set Track Inspection Skill Set
Flashbutt Welding Skill Set Track Lubrication Skill Set 
Handsignaller Skill Set Track Occupancy Protection Skill Set
Install Mechanical Equipment Skill Set Track Patrol Skill Set
Installing Minor Structures Skill Set Train Buffet Operation Skill Set
Installing Transoms Skill Set Tram or Light Rail Track Inspection Skill Set
Lead Shunter Skill Set Tram or Light Rail Track Sweeping Skill Set
Light On-track Equipment Operation Skill Set Tram or Light Rail Turnout Construction Skill Set
Lookout Working Skill Set Tram or Light Rail Turnout Installation Skill Set
Maintain Aerial Signal/Telecommunication Lines and Cables Skill Set Travel Medium/Heavy On-track Equipment Skill Set
Maintain Bridge Bearings Skill Set Travel Track Vehicle Under Block Working Conditions Skill Set
Maintain Mechanical Equipment Skill Set  Travel Track Vehicle Under Occupancy Authority Skill Set
Minor Track Equipment Operation Skill Set Ultrasonic Points and Crossings Testing Skill Set 
Move Rolling Stock Within Defined Limits Skill Set Ultrasonic Rail Testing Skill Set 
Operate Signalling/Point Control Equipment Skill Set

Please contact Ron Horne on 03 9604 7232 or by email, ron.horne@tlisc.org.au, for all enquiries regarding these activities or any other rail matters.

PUBLISHED IN Latest News ON February 10, 2015