Taxi Driver

A Taxi Driver transports passengers on a fare basis to various destinations. A vehicle must be licensed to operate as a taxi. A driver can either be subcontracted to work on a fee basis, or may own the vehicle and its license. Shift work is often involved. Communication skills and the ability to deal with difficult people are essential. The capacity to use technology, such as GPS and EFTPOS, is important.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Respond to requests for transportation (through a central service or direct from customers).
  • Assist customers with baggage, confirming preferred route.
  • Abide by customer service standards.
  • General maintenance and cleaning of vehicles.

Taxi Drivers can specialise into chauffeur/hire car roles, sometimes purchasing their own vehicle and license. They might also work on behalf of a hire-car company, private individual, business or for government. This may require an awareness of security arrangements.

Industry facts

  • Passenger movement in Australia by bus and car has steadily risen over the last five years.
  • A shortage of Taxi Drivers is being felt across many parts of the country.
  • Some Taxi Drivers work as ‘tour guides’, taking people on sightseeing trips of particular countries, cities, historical sites, monuments, and tourist attractions.
  • This job role requires a high level of driving skill.

Entry Qualifications


  • Relevant driving licence requirements exist for type of vehicle and product being transported.

Training qualification:

  • Certificate III in Driving Operations

Estimated Salary

$22,000 – $88,000 (Median $44,000)*
*Wages will vary according to your level of skill, experience, employer and geographical location.

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