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Maritime Training Package Update


Maritime Training Package Update

MAR V3.0 Submission:

MAR Maritime Training Package version 3.0

The Case for Endorsement for the Maritime Training Package version 3.0 was submitted to the Department of Education and Training on 1 June 2015. The submission includes one new qualification and four existing qualifications that have been aligned to the Standards for Training Packages, they include:

  • MAR30315 Certificate III in Marina Operations
  • MAR30415 Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Marine Cookery)
  • MAR50315 Diploma of Maritime Operations (Watchkeeper Deck)
  • MAR50415 Diploma of Maritime Operations (Master up to 500 GT)
  • MAR60315 Advanced Diploma of Maritime Operations (Master Unlimited).

The Case for Endorsement, units of competency and qualifications can be viewed on the TLISC website.

TLISC would like to thank the Project Steering Committees that oversaw the development of these qualifications and would also like to thank everyone who provided feedback throughout the various phases of the projects.

Integrated Ratings and Linespersons qualifications

The draft Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Integrated Rating) and the Certificate IV in Maritime Operations (Chief Integrated Rating) and relevant units of competency are now available for viewing and comment on the TLISC website.

Qualifications and units of competency have been updated to meet the Standards for Training Packages, better aligned with the STCW and incorporate many of the suggested changes that were gathered during the national consultations.

If you have any questions about the Maritime Training Package, please contact Eddie Hardman, Senior Training Package Specialist – Maritime on 03 9604 7234 or by email:


PUBLISHED IN Latest News ON July 15, 2015