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Transport and Logistics Training Package Update

Transport and Logistics Update

Driving Operations Project

Work is nearing completion on the review of the Dangerous Goods tankers units of competency. This work includes the development of Skill Sets for Chemical, LP Gas and Fuel tanker drivers.

Chain of Responsibility Project

The three Chain of Responsibility (CoR) units of competency have now been through the industry validation stage, and the feedback received will be referred to the CoR Steering Committee for consideration.

Warehousing and Logistics Project

The Steering Committee for the review of the Warehousing & Logistics qualifications met in late July. The main focus of this work is to align the qualifications and units to the Standards for Training Packages. Draft materials have been developed for feedback and are currently available on the Warehousing & Logistics Project page.

Stevedoring Qualifications Project

TLISC has commenced the alignment of the Certificate II and III in Stevedoring to the Standards for Training Packages. In addition to the development of the Certificate II and III, the Certificate IV Stevedoring Operations will be fully reviewed. The current units of competency and qualifications will be aligned to the Standards for Training Packages and will be amended as required to better address the current and future needs of the industry. The review will be an opportunity to address any issues that have been raised since the endorsement of the qualifications.   For more information, please visit the Stevedoring Qualifications project page.

For more Information, feedback or comments on any Transport and Logistics project please contact Paul Walsh paul.walsh@tlisc.org.au.

PUBLISHED IN Logistics ON August 19, 2014