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Transport & Logistics Training Package Update

Transport and Logistics Update

Warehousing and Logistics

As part of our ongoing process to move the Warehousing and Logistics qualifications and units of competency to the new standards, the first round of changes were available for comment on the TLISC website. Thank you to all of the people that provided feedback and comment in this important process.

The feedback we have received will now be taken to our next Warehousing and Logistics steering committee on the 18th September, to discuss the changes, as well as to discuss the possible inclusion of Chain of Responsibility units into the qualifications. These units have now been given the ‘sign off’, following a review of feedback received during the public validation stage. The units will now undergo the required QA prior to being distributed to STA’s.

Feedback is also being sought on a new qualification for Schedulers. This draft qualification was developed out of a need raised in the Rail sector but it can equally sit within the Warehousing and Logistics sector, so we will be presenting this qualification at the next Warehousing and Logistics steering committee for comment as well.

If you require any further information about the Transport and Logistics Training Package please contact Judy Green on 03 9604 7214 or judy.green@tlisc.0rg.au.

Stevedoring Review

TLISC has commenced the alignment of the following stevedoring qualifications in the TLI10 Transport and Logistics Training Package with the Standards for Training Packages.

  • TLI21413 Certificate II in Stevedoring
  • TLI33513 Certificate III in Stevedoring
  • TLI41710 Certificate IV in Stevedoring Operations

At the first meeting of the Stevedoring Steering Committee, held on 27 August 2014, it was concluded that the structure and content of the current qualifications would remain the same.   The units of competency will undergo minor changes, with the main change being the strengthening of the assessment conditions.   The draft qualifications and units of competency will be available on the TLISC website throughout October and early November 2014. Further information can be found on: http://tlisc.org.au/stevedoring-qualifications or by contacting Eddie Hardman on 03 9604 7234 or eddie.hardman@tlisc.org.au.

PUBLISHED IN Logistics ON September 23, 2014