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Aviation Training Package Update

 Aviation Training Package Update

Aviation Training Package Update

Over the past 18 months, TLISC has undertaken the transition and update of the AVI08 Aviation Training Package to the new Standards for Training Packages. TLISC’s work across the aviation industry saw us attend many events and conferences, and the opportunity to discuss aviation training issues with many of you. It has been a long and sometimes difficult journey to ensure that a wide range of aviation issues, stakeholders and regulations have been considered as each qualification, skill set or unit of competency was reviewed, updated or created. Australia’s aviation industry, training providers and regulators all provided excellent information and feedback into the next generations of the AVI Aviation Training Package.

Transitioning the AVI08 Aviation Training Package was managed through a range of projects, each of which was coordinated through industry representatives, forming the Project Steering Committee. The role of the committee was to review, discuss and finally validate the proposed new training package products to be included in the AVI Aviation Training Package. TLISC would like to thank the members of the Aviation Advisory and following Project Steering Committee’s for their support and feedback to these projects:

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Pilot in Command – Multi Crew Operations
  • Cabin Crew
  • Commercial Pilot (Aeroplane)
  • Ground Operations
  • Rotary Wing
  • Aviation Safety Skills
  • Foundation Skills.

The first release of the AVI Aviation Training Package was endorsed on 1st September 2015, and included the new Air Traffic Control qualification and two new Aviation Safety Skill sets. This release introduced the concept of the ‘Aviation Safety Management Framework’ through three new safety management units of competency;

  • AVIF0004 Implement aviation risk management processes
  • AVIF0005 Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes
  • AVIF0006 Manage aviation risk.

The intent of the Aviation Safety Management Framework is to ensure that all related training products, including qualifications, skill sets and units of competency are consistent with industry/regulatory language, national work health and safety legislation, and industry best practices. Once all training package products have been released, there will be over 30 units of competency that address aviation safety management skills across the areas of aviation Human Factors (HF), Crew Resource Management (CRM), Threat and Error Management (TEM), Work Health and Safety (WHS), Risk Management and Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS). Training organisations should note that in most instances, these units are deliberately contextualised from existing safety management models from other national Training Packages, reducing the time and resources needed to develop aviation specific training and assessment strategies.

The second release of the AVI Aviation Training Package was endorsed by the Australian Industry Skills Committee on 1st December, and included three new Commercial Pilot Licence qualifications and one Skill Set. This release of the training package ensures that the revised requirements of Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 61 Flight Crew Licensing are appropriately addressed for the future training needs of Commercial Aeroplane and Helicopter Pilots, including the Instrument Rating qualification and Multi Crew Operations (MCO) Pilot Sill Set.

Finally, the third AVI Aviation Training Package submission and Case for Endorsement to the Department of Education and Training has been submitted for future endorsement by the Australian Industry Skills Committee in 2016. The submission includes an additional 17 qualifications, 41 skill sets and 140 units of competency that were not included in the first two releases in 2015. Interested stakeholders in the new and revised ground, aerodrome and flight operations training package products may download and review the Case for Endorsement and the rest of the AVI Aviation Training Package submission from the TLISC Aviation Training Package page.

For those of you travelling over the holiday period, TLISC would like to remind you that no matter if you’re walking, driving, or flying with friends and family, never let your feet, car or aircraft take you somewhere your brain didn’t get to earlier. We look forward to seeing you all return in 2016, to see what new challenges and opportunities await us all.

If you wish to provide training package feedback or to find out how you can become involved with TLISC’s work, please contact Dan Minton, Senior Training Package Specialist-Aviation on 0459 021 115 or

PUBLISHED IN Latest News ON December 16, 2015