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Transport & Logistics Training Package Update

 Transport & Logistics Training Package Update

Transport & Logistics Training Package Update

In 2015, a number of qualifications in the Transport & Logistics training package were revised as part of the process to transition training package products to the new templates. TLISC worked with industry stakeholders to review these products, to ensure they continued to meet industry needs. This process involved holding steering committee meetings and making draft material available to a wider audience to comment on, via the Transport & Logistics project update page on the TLISC website.  In this way, TLISC was able to provide the opportunity to as many stakeholders as possible to provide feedback.

Many of the training package products required little or no change; however, some qualifications had a number of additional changes in response to stakeholders requesting the opportunity to conduct a more extensive review of the training package products, to ensure they continued to meet current industry practices.

In the Driving Operations qualifications, the key changes included the inclusion of the Chain of Responsibility unit to applicable streams; the addition of a Tip Truck stream and a new Operate Tip Truck unit; an update to the Taxi and Pilot stream; the complete review of the Licence to Transport Dangerous Goods by Road unit; the inclusion of roll over awareness into the Dangerous goods tanker units. Five new skill sets were also developed and the Operate 4WD unit was reviewed to ensure it still met current industry practices.

In the Driving Instruction qualifications (car, heavy vehicle, motorcycle), the key changes included updates to packaging rules and core units; addition of heavy vehicle industry units to the Heavy vehicle Driving Instruction qualification and 3 new units being developed for conducting learner driver training.

Minor changes were made to the Warehouse & Logistics qualifications by adding the revised Chain of Responsibility units to the Core of the Certificate II, III and IV qualifications. With the International freight forwarding (IFF), Customs Broking and Traffic Operations qualification amendments were made to the packaging rules, core units and specialist groups. Three new IFF/Customs Broking units were also developed.

The TLI10 Training package was transitioned to the TLI Training Package in 2 stages. The first stage; TLI Release 1.0 was endorsed on 12 October 2015. This release included 11 qualifications and 10 skill sets, covering all of the Materiel and Deployment Logistics, one Stevedoring and  5 Warehousing & logistics qualifications.

The second stage; TLI Release 2.0 was submitted to the Department Education and Training on 20th November 2015. This release included 25 qualifications and 28 skill sets, covering 11 Road Transport qualifications, 4 International Freight Forwarding & Customs Broking qualifications, 2 Stevedoring qualifications,  2 Mobile crane qualifications and 6 Warehousing and logistics qualifications.

Many industry stakeholders were involved in this process and gave their time to ensure that the competency standards for their specific sector reflect current industry needs. So I thank them all for their involvement and dedication to ensuring that Transport and Logistics training organisations continues to produce a high quality workforce.

Further information on the above projects can be found on the TLISC website at:

If you wish to discuss any of these projects, please contact Judy Green Senior Training Package Specialist – Road Transport/Warehouse & Logistics on (03) 9604 7214 or via email

Enjoy a well deserved break over the festive season and look forward to seeing you in 2016.

PUBLISHED IN Latest News ON December 16, 2015