Training Packages form the endorsed component of the National training arrangements. They include units of competency, qualifications and Skill Sets, and are a key resource for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in the delivery of structured, accredited training.

All Training Package components are developed and validated in consultation with industry stakeholders to ensure they are fit for purpose.

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Qualifications are directly aligned to job roles, based on industry or workplace requirements. Units of competency based on a specific function or task of the job are drawn together to form the qualification and can allow for flexibility across a range of organisational types and sizes. The qualification prescribes the way these competencies are packaged together to achieve the qualification.

Qualifications can be achieved on the job with a worker’s current competency and/or prior learning recognised and attributed towards the qualification. Training can be delivered through a range of flexible options.

Units of Competency

Units of competency identify discrete workplace requirements and include the skills and knowledge that underpin competency. Each unit describes a specific work activity, the range of conditions under which the activity is conducted and the foundation skills essential to demonstrate competent performance. It also has its own assessment requirements that identify the Performance evidence, Knowledge evidence and assessment conditions.

Skill Sets

A Skill Set is made up of a single unit of competency or a combination of units of competency, and links directly to a defined industry need, Licensing or Regulatory requirement.  Skill Sets can build on existing qualifications or be used for a specific organisational need.

Training Package Development Process

Training Packages are developed in consultation with a broad range of industry and regulatory stakeholders. All components of the Training Package are validated by stakeholders to ensure they meet their specific requirements.

Training Package Endorsement & Release Dates

Companion Volume Implementation Guide

A Companion Volume Implementation Guide (CVIG) to a training package provides advice to assist in the implementation of the training package and is released at the same time as the training package.

The CVIG is designed to assist industry, assessors, trainers and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in delivering the Training Package.  The main purpose of this guide is to provide advice about the structure of the Training Package.  It includes information about the range of qualifications, units of competency, and assessment requirements within the package.  An overview of the industry, and the importance of industry context and the requirement to meet industry needs, is also provided.