The aviation sector underpins Australian business and tourism and has estimated annual revenue of $41.3 billion, adding $4.6 billion to the GDP. It has five main components: domestic commercial aviation, international commercial aviation, general aviation, air-freight transport and aviation support infrastructure.

Strong growth in passenger and cargo movement by air in the Asia-Pacific will fuel the Aviation sector’s ongoing need for baggage handling and ground crew staff. While demand for domestic pilots remains stable, aircraft manufacturer Boeing predicts the world will need 533,000 new commercial airline pilots by 2033, with 41% of these new jobs created in the AsiaPacific region.

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Skills in Demand

The 2015 Environmental Scan identified the following occupations as being in skill demand:

  • Aeroplane Pilot
  • Flying Instructor (Aeroplane and Helicopter)
  • Aviation Workplace Trainer and Assessor
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  • Baggage Handler, Airline Ground Crew
  • Works Safety Officer (Airports)

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Maria Gidis
Maria Gidis
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