Rail - Industry Sectors



Australia’s rail sector is expanding at a rapid rate.

Get on board for a career in customer service, or one where you can use your technical and professional skills to move freight, build and maintain tracks, and organise the movement of thousands of people every day. Offering flexibility, security and great training along the way, a career in rail might be just what you’re looking for.

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Maritime - Industry Sectors


TLISC Maritime and Ports

If you have a passion for boats and the water, a career in the maritime sector could be for you.

Your career could take you from working on a small fishing or chartered boat, to navigating the open seas. With the increase in shipping trade activities globally and a high demand for skills, the prospects in the maritime sector are exciting and unique.

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Road - Industry Sectors

Road Transport

TLISC Road Transport

A career in road transport is diverse and financially rewarding.

It is not just about driving trucks – road transport incorporates bus and coach operations and there are interesting career pathways for people with a variety of education and work backgrounds. With Australia’s growth in freight and passenger movement set to explode – don’t miss your chance to work in one of Australia’s fastest growing and innovative sectors.

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Ports - Industry Sectors


TLISC Maritime and Ports

Australia’s ports are busy and exciting places to work.

With the number of containers crossing the nation’s ports set to increase dramatically, there will continue to be demand for responsible people to operate the latest state-of-the-art machinery, coordinate the movement of millions of dollars’ worth of freight, and the piloting of vessels into and out of harbours. There are many diverse job and career opportunities on offer.

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Aviation - Industry Sectors


TLISC Aviation

A career in the aviation sector can take you across the country and around the world.

You will take on new challenges every day and be responsible for delivering customers an experience, not just a mode of transport. From commanding or maintaining aircraft to attending to passengers in the air or on the ground in a fast-paced airport, you can reach for the sky to find a career that’s right for you.

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Logistics - Industry Sectors

Logistics & Warehousing

TLISC Logistics

You could be part of Australia’s expanding supply chain moving millions of goods around the country by taking up one of many fulfilling careers that are available in the logistics and warehousing sector.

Employers are seeking dynamic and energetic people who are willing to learn and embrace technology. Logistics is all about getting products to people, something that affects everyone, every day.

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