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Meetings on Track

Cross Sectoral Projects | 01 Apr 2014

Meetings on Track (WELL Rail Toolbox Resource)

This WELL resource project is based on the requirements of track workers, gangers and new team leaders in the rail industry who need to conduct effective workplace information briefings. The content can be generally applied and adapted to any sector where “on the job” meetings are required and the need for language, literacy and numeracy. support has been identified.

Project completed April 2014.

This resource consists of a DVD and CD with a supporting Facilitator and Learner Guide. An initial run of 500 copies is available free of charge. Click here to download order form.

TLISC Resources website

Cross Sectoral Projects | 31 Mar 2014

TLISC Resources website with over 300 free resources

TLISC – eResources app

TLISC has launched its new TLISC – eResources app, giving assessors an innovative and interactive tool to conduct on-the-job assessments.

TLISC – eResources is a free app, believed to be the first of its kind offered by any Industry Skills Council. It is expected to change the training and assessment landscape for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

The app has been developed for Transport and Logistics assessors, providing them with a paperless method of conducting assessments. It already contains over 150 assessment resources mapped as compliant to Units of Competency from TLISC Training Packages, and is regularly updated.

These resources are contextualised to the Transport and Logistics environment and support assessors to ensure high quality outcomes for the trainee and employer.

Mentoring Skill Set Resource

TLISC has developed a resource with embedded mentoring skills to support the implementation of the Mentoring Skill Set through innovative approaches to learning and assessment as agreed with key industry stakeholder representation.

In the development of this resource, TLISC engaged with key industry stakeholders who are fundamental in the resource development life cycle, including industry technical advice and expertise for content and validation of the resource.

This resource has been NVR/AQTF audited for compliance.  The learning and assessment resource has been mapped to the following unit of competency from the TLI10 V4.0 Transport and Logistics Training Package:

  • TLIM4004A Mentoring individuals and small groups

The Mentoring Skill Set learning and assessment resource is available on the TLISC Resources website.

NSW Tow Truck Skill Set Resource

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in NSW, through the work of the previous regulatory body, the Tow Truck Authority of NSW, has raised a number of initiatives aimed at lifting the levels of training undertaken by tow truck operators and their drivers.

The Tow Truck Skill Set resource has been specifically developed to lift the quality of service provision from the towing industry in NSW and as a means of ensuring consumers receive consistent and professional quality services from this sector.

Tow Truck learning and assessment materials have been developed and updated to TLI10 V4.0 Transport and Logistics Training Package and approved by the funding body, RMS NSW. The Skill Set comprises the following four units of competency:

  • TLIB2079A – Set up and secure a towing situation
  • TLIC3035A – Manage the operation of a tow truck
  • TLIF1001A – Follow occupational health and safety procedures
  • TLII1002A – Apply customer service skills

This resource is restricted to training providers approved by RMS.

AVI20613 Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection (Passenger/Non-Passenger Screener) and AVI20713 Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection (Checked Baggage Screener)

A suite of four mandated assessment instruments has been developed by TLISC on behalf of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to meet the needs of industry and assists in the delivery of high quality, sustainable programs.

Key industry stakeholders were involved in the development and review process of these resources before they were NVR/AQTF audited to ensure compliance with mapping to the following units of competency from the AVI08 V4.0 Aviation Training Package:

  • AVIO2005B Conduct screening using Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)
  • AVIO2009B Screen articles by interpreting X-ray images
  • AVIO2011B Screen people to enter airside security zone or landside security zone
  • AVIO2010B Screen articles to enter airside security zone or landside security zone

These resources are restricted to training providers approved the regulator.

For more information about TLISC Resources please contact TLISC on 03 9604 7200.

Foundation Skills Training Package

Cross Sectoral Projects | 29 Mar 2014

The units from this training package can be used to support the foundation skills development of people with qualifications or undertaking qualifications at any AQF level, or people with no qualifications at all. It can be used to enable new entrants to the workforce as well as to enable existing workers progress or adapt to changes in vocational requirements.

Since the endorsement of the training package in February 2013, RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) have been adding the Foundation Skills Training Package to their scope and service offerings. TLISC will continue to consult with stakeholders to assess and determine strategies for implementation.

TLISC have developed resources to assist in ensuring foundation skills are integrated with outcomes to deliver skills which prepare and equip people for job roles that are meaningful and allow for further development and career advancement. Consideration to specific workplace contexts, job roles and vocational pathways is a critical part of this.

Appropriate strategies will assist us in attracting people to our industry and equipping them and existing workers with the skills they need to progress in a rapidly changing environment where higher order skills are in demand.

This project has been funded by the Department of Industry.

This project was completed in May 2014..

Click here for more information about the Foundation Skills Training Package or contact Marianne Wehby on 0408 429 536 or email