Transport & Logistics Industry
Skills Council

Level 4, 411 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


Level 3, 10-12 Brisbane Avenue
Barton ACT 2600


State Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABS)

State/Territory Transport and Logistics ITABs advise State Government Departments responsible for training on Industry Training Priorities.

They also advise industry on Government Training Initiatives and facilitate training. State ITABs do not provide training, but encourage partnerships between Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and industry.

In brief, Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council develops Training Packages and supporting resources, and State/Territory’s implement them, in conjunction with industry and State/Territory’s Departments of Training.

Not all states have their own ITAB’s. In the absence of a local ITAB employers should contact Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council or their State Training Authority (STA).

Each Australian State and Territory has its own training authority that administers vocational education and training. Their role includes allocation of funds, registration of training organisations and accreditation of courses. Each agency is accountable for operational matters to its own Minister, who is represented on the Ministerial Council for Vocational and Technical Education (MCVTE).