2012 E-Scan

2012 E-Scan (PDF) Optimised for iPad

2012 E-Scan Interactive (Flash)

Key focus areas of the 2012 E-Scan

Discussion of the impact of the following issues on the Transport and Logistics Industry:

  • Major business challenges facing the industry and their potential impact on skill requirements
  • Anticipated skill and labour demands for each of the industry sectors
  • Skilling needs to meet technology and safety developments in new vehicles
  • Industry responses to changing skill demands

Key issues affecting workforce development in the Transport and Logistics Industry including:

  • Skill shortages in each of the industry sectors
  • Recent changes to TLISC Training Packages
  • Training Package improvements planned for the next 12 months
  • Results of TLISC’s 2012 E-scan survey
Amanda Thomas
Amanda Thomas
General Manager – Strategy & Policy