The Skills Council produces a suite of products about our Industry’s demographics. These include fact sheets and other information about employment levels, job growth, age and gender profiles etc.

 Fact Sheets

The Industry fact sheets are sector specific and contain up-to-date information on selected jobs about:

  • Employment level
  • Recent job growth
  • Age profile
  • Educational attainment.

The fact sheets are an excellent resource designed to provide up-to-date intelligence on the workforce demographics of some of the industry’s most important occupations.

To download a fact sheet, click on the following links:

Logistics & Warehousing Road Transport Rail Maritime Aviation Ports

Identified Workforce Development Needs

This section provides a workforce snapshot of the Logistics and Warehousing, Road Transport, Aviation, Rail and Maritime & Ports sectors in the Transport and Logistics industry. Here you can find information on workforce sector:

  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Labour issues
  • Facts and figures
  • Skills in Demand
  • Training needs
  • Qualifications profile
  • Industry demographics

Click on the thumbnails to the left to read more about each sector.