The logistics and warehousing sector is an integral part of Australia’s supply chain employing more than 373,000 people across occupations including warehousing, logistics, storage and handling distribution.

Computerisation and automation have changed the nature of work in the Logistics sector. Specialised and higher-level computer skills, problem-solving and analytic skills, and more sophisticated contract management practices are driving a more integrated approach to logistics management.

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Skills in Demand

The 2015 Environmental Scan identified the following occupations as being in skill demand:

  • Transport and Logistics Trainer/Assessor
  • Transport/Logistics Manager (Supply Chain Management, Compliance Management)
  • Customs Broker/Freight Forwarding Operator
  • Allocator/Scheduler
  • Storeperson/Forklift Operator including Reach Stacker

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Maria Gidis
Maria Gidis
Policy Support Officer