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TLISC has commenced the alignment of units of competency and qualifications in the MAR13 Maritime Training Package to the Standards for Training Packages.  To start this process the current units of competency in the Marine Engine Driver (Steam) qualification have been transferred to the new Standards templates.

For more information about the Standards for Training Packages and the approach TLISC is taking to align their Training Packages with the Standards please click here.

Project Overview
TLISC has updated the MAR30313 Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Steam) qualification to meet the requirements of the Standards for Training Packages. This did not include reviewing or changing the content of the qualification or units. The outcome and the packaging rules for this qualification have not been changed and all relevant units in the current qualification remain the same.
Project Update

10 December 2014
MAR V2.0 Case for Endorsement. The MAR Maritime Training Package Version 2.0 was submitted to the Department of Industry on 25 November 2014 for consideration. MAR V2.0 includes the Marine Engine Driver (Steam) qualification.

May 2014
The Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Steam) and relevant units of competency are now undergoing the required Quality Assurance before being distributed to STAs as part of the final stage of alignment to the Standards for Training Packages. Further updates will be provided when the final units and qualification are submitted for consideration and endorsement.

14 April 2014
To view the units of competency and qualification please click below:(Links removed 26th May 2014)