Australia’s shipping sector generates around $3.8 billion in revenue and is currently the world’s 5th largest shipping nation in terms of the tonnage of its inbound and outbound freight task. In the short and medium term, shipping volumes will continue to be sustained both by strong domestic demand, and by the growing demand for raw commodities from developing countries.

As for the water passenger transport segment of the industry, steady growth commensurate with a rising population is expected in the ferry services market, while the cruise market is rapidly expanding globally.

The impact of technology on job roles is changing the nature of work and skills required on board ships.

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Skills in Demand

The 2015 Environmental Scan identified the following occupations as being in skill demand:

  • Deck Hand/Integrated Rating (Dredging, Oil and Gas Offshore Supply Vessels)
  • Electro-Technical Officer
  • Marine Engineer

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Maria Gidis
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