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By 31 December 2015, all Training Packages are required to comply with New Standards for Training Packages  which were endorsed by the Standing Council on Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment (SCOTESE) on 16 November 2012.  These new standards change the format of Training Packages to better meet the needs of the various groups who use them.

In summary, Industry Skills Councils are to coordinate the review of training packages to simplify the content and separate the critical performance standards and assessment requirements from guidance and supporting information.

The Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council will ensure that the process of implementing the new standards in the context of the policy framework is:

  • transparent
  • industry led
  • an opportunity to strengthen training packages

For more general information about the new standards

  • click here to open a power point presentation
  • click here to open the TLISC information sheet

The TLISC Consultation Process

There will be a period of activity as the training packages are revised to meet the requirements of the new standards. The Training Package Specialist responsible for each sector will coordinate the review in accordance with a process approved by the CEO and submitted to the NSSC.

As with any proposed review and change process with the training packages, validation is a critical part of the process. Project reference groups including the steering committees and technical advisory groups will have an important role in implementation.

The network of state and federal consultative groups will also be consulted throughout the process.

We encourage you to connect with us to stay up to date with the process and be aware of how you can be involved.

There are many ways to do this:

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  • If you have an interest in the implementation process and a specific training package, register your interest on the relevant training package page on this website