The Rail sector is experiencing a renaissance as a bulk carrier of people and commodities covering 42,262 kilometres of track across Australia. The construction of new rail infrastructure and installation of new signalling systems is increasing, resulting in skills shortages across the sector. Increasing automation will also increase demand for higher-level skills.

Despite the slowdown in new mining and resources projects, the rail sector plays a central role in ensuring the cost-effective transport of bulk output from existing projects to ports and processing facilities. Meanwhile, passenger trips on heavy and light rail exceeded 850 million in 2012-13.

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Skills in Demand

The 2015 Environmental Scan identified the following occupations as being in skill demand:

  • Train Driver
  • Rail Track Worker/Plant Operator
  • Team Leader/Supervisor/Project Manager
  • Railway Signal Technician (Signalling /Overhead Wiring Technician)
  • Workplace Trainer and Assessor – Rail Sector Specific
  • Rail Signalling Engineer

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Maria Gidis
Maria Gidis
Policy Support Officer