With Australia’s freight task set to double by 2020, the $73.1 billion Road Transport sector will continue to be the predominant mode of transport for moving freight around Australia. The increasing adoption of e-commerce platforms by Australian retailers is expected to support industry expansion in the five years through to 2018-19 while also increasing the need for upskilling workers to adapt to evolving technology and systems.

Road transport also includes businesses that provide passenger transport such as buses, coaches and taxis, which deal with the challenges of operating in congested urban centres and the impact of fluctuations in the tourism industry.

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Skills in Demand

The 2015 Environmental Scan identified the following occupations as being in skill demand:

  • Truck Driver – Local Delivery Driver (MR-HR Licence)
  • Truck Driver (General Freight, B-Double, Multi Combination)
  • Bus Driver
  • Road Transport Workplace Trainer/Assessor
  • Allocator/Scheduler

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Maria Gidis
Maria Gidis
Policy Support Officer