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Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council » Training Packages FAQs


What is a Training Package?
A Training Package is a nationally endorsed, integrated set of competency standards, assessment guidelines and Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications for a specific industry, industry sector or enterprise.
What is the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (ISC)?
The Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC) is an independent, government funded, not-for-profit organisation that works on behalf of the Transport and Logistics Industry to promote investment in skills and workforce development. More information about Industry Skills Councils (ISCs).
Where do I find a Training Package?
Training.gov.au (TGA) website is the government repository for all Australian National Vocational Education and Training (VET) Training Package information. Here you can locate Training Packages, qualifications, skill sets and units of competency.
What are qualifications, units of competency and skill sets?
National vocational qualifications are directly aligned to job roles, based on industry or workplace requirements, to form a Competency standard. Units of competency based on a specific function or task of the job are drawn together to form the qualification, allowing for flexibility across a range of organisational types and sizes. The qualification prescribes the way these competencies are to be packaged together to achieve the qualification.
Units of Competency
Units of Competency identify discrete workplace requirements and include the skills and knowledge that underpin competency. Each unit can be applied independently in a work situation, describing a specific work activity and the evidence that must be gathered to demonstrate competent performance.
Skill Sets
A Skill Set is made up of a single Unit of Competency or a combination of Units of Competency, and links directly to a defined industry need, Licensing or Regulatory requirement. Skill Sets can build on existing qualifications or be used for a specific organisational need.Additional information can be found on TLISC About Training Packages web page.
Where can I find mapping information for the current Training Package and the previous version?
Mapping between current and previous versions of a Training Package can be found in the Header information or Companion Volume Implementation Guide. These documents or links to the relevant document is available on TGA for each Training Package.
Why do you have two Training Packages from the same industry currently available on TGA?
All Industry Skills Councils (ISCs) are required to meet the Standards for Training Packages. A period of transferring previous Training Packages to the new Standards has been designed to minimize the impact on the VET system and enable effective implementation to allow all Training Packages to be completed by 31 December 2015. For further details refer to the NSSC website.
How can I find out about Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivery and teaching requirements?
Information on delivery and teaching requirements for Registered Training Organisations is available from the websites for the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA), and Training Accreditation Council (TAC).
Where can I find a list of RTOs that deliver the Qualification I want to study?
Training.gov.au (TGA) website has a complete list of all RTOs and their specific Training Packages and qualification on their Scope of Registration for delivery. This information can be found on each qualification page as a link called: ‘Delivery: Find RTOs approved to deliver this qualification’.
Where can I find free assessment resources?
TLISC has over 300 current NVR/AQTF audited assessment resources developed with industry stakeholders that can be freely downloaded from the T&L Resources website. Now over 150 learning and assessment resources available also available for free download from iTunes on the TLISC iPad e-Resources app. The TLISC e-Resources app provides T&L assessors with a paperless method of conducting assessments.
What are the ‘Transition and Teach Out’ arrangements for superseded or deleted qualifications?
Information on Transition and Teach Out arrangements is available from the websites for the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA), and Training Accreditation Council (TAC).
Where can I find information on assessment instruments for licensing requirements?
Enquiries regarding mandated assessment instruments for licencing requirements should be directed to the applicable national or state/territory licensing authority. Contact information for relevant licencing/regulatory authorities is provided in each Training Package Header Information or Companion Volume Implementation Guide. All Training Packages can be found at TGA.
What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Recognition of Current Competence (RCC)?
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) allows experienced personnel to have their skills and knowledge formally recognised through the submission of evidence of competence and the issuing of nationally recognised qualifications.Recognition of Current Competence (RCC) is an assessment of the individual’s current standing in relation to Industry assessment standards (units of competency).RTOs offering RPL to learners can access Training Package ‘mapping information’ and use the ‘compare function’ at TGA.
What are ‘Nominal Hours’?
Nominal hours are specified by each state and territory through the relevant State Training Authority. Links to State Training Authorities can be found at TGA.
How can I find out about Workforce Development?
The Workforce Development team at TLISC provides a range of support services to industry and more information can be found at the Workforce Development web page.
What is the difference between an NSSC endorsement and an ISC Upgrade of a Training Package?
Any changes to outcomes of qualifications or units of competency require National Skills Standards Council (NSSC) endorsement. Where changes do not impact the outcome this is an ISC Upgrade.
Information about the endorsement process is outlined on the NSSC website.
Where can I provide feedback on a TLISC Qualification or Unit of Competency?
To provide feedback, please register your comments through the Training Package Feedback page on our website. Alternatively you may contact our office to speak with an Industry Training Package Specialist 03 96047200.