About Training Packages

The Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council leads the way in the development of world-class training qualifications in the transport and logistics industry. We are the interface between industry and government and develop high quality training packages in consultation with industry.

The Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council provides independent advice and can identify your training needs, providing you with the qualifications best suited to your organisation. We can also tailor our products and provide support where required. In short, we make training easy. Click here for information on Workforce Planning.

The Training Packages are developed with the assistance of Commonwealth Government funds through the Department of Industry.

These endorsed materials provide the key information required for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to deliver training, assess competencies and issue qualifications.

The flexibility of Training Packages benefits organisations - of all sizes. Competency Units can be packaged together to meet the specific needs of occupations in the industry. This allows enterprises, individuals and RTOs to build training programs and qualifications for existing and new employees.

Training Packages are not training manuals; however the Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council can assist companies to develop training programs based on training package qualifications.

There are also support materials such as Assessment Kits which can be used to support training delivery.