All Purpose Transport – Trainee Profile

All Purpose Transport – Trainee Profile

Steven Kilby’s entire career has been on the road – albeit driving a desk lately.

A fleet manager for All Purpose Transport (APT) in Brisbane, Kilby, 52, has benefitted from APT’s investment in training and development, completing both a Diploma of Logistics and a Certificate IV in Business Administration.

Kilby’s training was delivered under the National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF), which was brokered by the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC).

“When I started the Diploma, I didn’t realise how much I actually did know,” Kilby says. “Then I went, hang on, I know that … It was a bit of an awakening.”

Kilby started out as a travelling sales rep, but gave it away for taxi driving, in turn becoming a taxi dispatcher before a “natural progression” to fleet management.

He first began with APT in the year 2000, but returned in 2006 after pursuing similar roles in other transport companies. “I had always liked APT,” Kilby says

It can’t hurt my prospects, having a nationally accredited diploma.

This is because APT, a family owned company, values its people as much as its product, and shows genuine interest in staff by investing in their development.

“Not only will you get your staff working well for you, you’re also going to add value to your product and company,” Kilby says. “It is an investment, not just to make you look good, but that’s going to keep on giving if you keep on training.”

As a fleet manager, he is responsible for a team of drivers and their compliance. “Workplace health and safety has become a big thing in our game now,” he says. “People can get hurt and the old days of ‘she’ll be right’ don’t apply any more.”

Kilby uses sophisticated technologies to track his drivers, their hours, breaks and loads, to price jobs in progress, and to “monitor, more than anything else”.

Upskilling means Kilby can “talk to people confidently now, to personnel and contractors on different levels about things, and make informed decisions.

“Don’t make a guess. Guesses get people killed. Most accidents are preventable if you think about it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in this game or in everyday life.”

Upskilling has also given him “a little bit of a boost, in as far as my self image goes … and it can’t hurt my prospects, having a nationally accredited Diploma.

“We’re a growing company, which we wouldn’t be if we weren’t doing it right.”

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September 9, 2015

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