Johanna Osborne – Women Moving Australia

Johanna Osborne – Women Moving Australia

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Name: Johanna Osborne

What is your job title?
Currently Grade 1 Instructor, soon to be Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor – Helicopter

Which company/organisation do you work for?
Airways Aviation

Job description (in 25 words or less!):
Dynamic. Brief, fly, write syllabus, write 142, night fly, IFR fly, student assessment, every day is different – it’s great.

What studies have you undertaken?
Not a great deal. I travelled for some time after school and once back in Australia I studied my CPL(H) and became a poor pilot trying to keep my head around the operations and aircraft I was flying. Standard ATPL’s, IREX, TAE etc. Now there are kids and a full work load, I don’t get much time to study for myself.

Tell us about your experience in the transport & logistics industry.
I started as an apprentice pilot in Ayres Rock conducting scenic flights. It’s a great training area because there is nothing but a big old rock to watch out for.

Eventually as you gain experience you get to do more exciting jobs like fire inspections and canyon rescues. From there I went to the reef which was a really big change. Again starting at the bottom in the operations room and only flying once and a while when they needed. That patience eventually lead to a full time flying role and 800 hours a year in turbines. More patience saw more endorsements and getting handed some of the tougher jobs.

Eventually life changed and a more challenging role was needed so I threw myself into my instructor rating and have been there ever since 8 years. This was nicely broken up with twin time on Marine pilot transfer work and two great little kids. The biggest change I have seen since I started training in the huge shift into the RTO and VET sector for helicopter training. It’s going to make better pilots.

Which other industries have you worked in?
I have been in Aviation all my life with most of my family flying. Together we have over 40,000 hours. I have worked a lot in hospitality but that was years ago.

What is the best career advice you have received?
Fly like you are being watched. Don’t be a cowboy because it takes a second to be branded one and a lifetime to lose the reputation.

Best advice to give?
For my students on a test ….. If you mess up, fix it and then forget about it. If you dwell on the mistake you are bound to make more.

It’s a bad day when:
A student breaks a helicopter.

It’s a good day when:
I get to fly by myself on a tough job.

What direction do you see yourself heading in the future?
I want to do rescue… like everyone else! But for now I see myself in the Chief Pilot role for some time. I have some serious goals I want to achieve in the training sector.

Who are your role models?
My dad for his work ethic and integrity and my old chief pilots who have supported, encouraged and mentored me into the person I am today. That knowledge I will take into my new role and I know I will do it better because of them.

When you have 30 minutes of free-time, what do you do?
I don’t have free time. If it’s not work. It’s kids and family and house and dogs – although I have forced myself to find time for the gym. That keeps my head in a really good space.

Sunrise or sunset?
Rise. What a great time of day. You can even enjoy it from the comfort of your bed. And it is normally the time the kids come in and give big cuddles. Nothing is better to soak up. Although I really love a sunset flight too.

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August 26, 2015

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