Vellex – Trainee Profile

Vellex – Trainee Profile

A transport and logistics career helps keep Cornel Ene happy at work and at home.

Ene is the plant logistics supervisor for distribution company Vellex, which specialises in bulk freighting potted vegetation to retail nurseries using custom cages and pallets.

Ene was promoted to supervisor when he completed a Certificate III in Warehousing Operations, a qualification developed by the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council and delivered under the National Workforce Development Fund initiative.

The national qualification gave Ene, who migrated to Australia eight years ago for its “weather and security”, both industry advancement and personal fulfillment.

Ene had studied economics in his native Romania and worked in warehousing in sales administration. But in Sydney he worked in restaurants, rising to become an a la carte head chef, until split shifts and weekend work started to take a toll on his young family.

So, two years ago he decided to “change everything,” Ene says. “I have a daughter – she’s nearly three years old – and I want to be at home Saturday, Sunday, with my daughter.”

Friends recommended he consider returning to warehousing work in the transport and logistics sector. He did, and it delivered a new life through training and development.

When everything is going right in the warehouse and everybody is happy – that is the best part.

Ene’s mornings are dedicated to plant dispatch, while afternoons are for receiving the next day’s stock to be delivered to nurseries across New South Wales and Victoria.

It’s his responsibility to ensure the Vellex drivers safely deliver the plants to the right place, at the right time, in the right condition. Even in the security of a freight cage, the timing of deliveries is vital because plants are fragile and “die if they travel too much”.

As a supervisor, he has “a good memory – you have to remember where everything is”, and is a good listener and negotiator. Should problems arise, his priority is to fix them first, and then talk to the drivers about how to predict, and so prevent, such problems.

It’s a busy job, but “I like the action, to go here, there and everywhere … from one warehouse to the other, to fix the problems … I love not to stay in the office.”

The former chef also loves having weekends at home, and laughingly says the best bit of the job is his “lunch break”, but adds: “When everything is going right in the warehouse and everybody is happy – that is the best part.”

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September 4, 2015

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